On a MUCH brighter note.

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So the other day I was in Chatswood, waiting to start work; when I came across this excellent site. I’m a big fan of Fashion. And seeing this store completely empty of stock just made me feel.. so so SO happy! I mean; I probably interpreted it wrong, and I bet in a week, it’ll be full of wonderfully “fashionable” things, like: ugg boots, long sleeve shirts, and anything with Ed Hardy written on it…. :/

anyway; I’d like to leave you with this. One of my favourite bands at the moment (Seabear), playing “Arms” along a canal. For the life of me I can’t remember where it was shot… I think it was near Paris. You can watch it here; (its the third video down from the top.)
and because I can’t be fucked embedding it onto this fair blog; I’ll link you a video of an intimate performance of the same song (Arms)

Have a lovely day (:


The story so far.

June 28, 2010 § 1 Comment

for me, its holidays. plus winter. if you minus the schoolwork that has to be done, its pretty much awesome. It was my birthday a few days ago; and i picked up a few nice things. Anyway; this is my setup for the next few days:

I’m currently reading “Into The Wild”. As an ambitious traveller, the story really reaches me, and I love the quotes throughout, the journey as a whole, and the idea of “just disappearing for a while”.


I’ve become more certain of taking a gap year upon finishing school next year; and I thought hitch-hiking across America, to Manhattan would be an interesting, and dangerous experience. But thats another story.

Hello, WordPress.

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Its lovely to meet you.
I’ve recently started playing the ukulele. its a gorgeous budget issue Mahalo, walnut colour.
I hope I can introduce you sometime.

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