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Music I can’t feel unhappy listening to.

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Recently, I’ve compiled a huge folk-music playlist for my iPod, which is great and all; but it can get really sad. So yesterday, after a great evening was cut short I got out my iPod and looked at all of the music that really just cheers me up so much. I decided to compile this list of music that generally makes me so happy, so here it is.

  1. Phoenix – I really don’t like Alphabetical, and most of United is pretty average; but Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix and Its Never Been Like That are so nice. Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix was probably one of my more preferred albums of last year (behind Primary Colours and The Resistance). I think Phoenix have made this list because of the music I’ve been exposed to recently, and Phoenix are such a carefree dancey band, which to me is such a breath of fresh air. I haven’t really listened to them a lot recently which is totally lame.
  2. Streetlight Manifesto – Theres always time for me to listen to this band, because I can never resist a well organized horns section. Tomas Kalnoky has such a great scratchy voice, which many people seem to not like; but I do. I’m not sure why. Anyway, they stand for what I like so much about music, and I can only sit back and admire them. I probably said before that Keasby Nights is one of my favourite albums of all time too, which also helps.
  3. Seabear – Their new album is nothing impressive at all, but “The Ghost That Carried Us Away” was probably the first album that really inspired this feeling I get, when I just can’t be unhappy listening to them. Arms is such a lovely song, so is I Sing I Swim. It just makes me smile.
  4. Vampire Weeknd – Mainly their first album, if I’m ever down on what to listen to, its the first album I go to.

That probably it for now, but there may be a second issue. Also, I changed my background! I think its a little camp, but I’d like some feeback?

Monsieur Bloch

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“Why, M. Bloch, is there a change in the weather; has it been raining? I can’t understand it; the barometer has been ‘set fair.'”

Which drew from Bloch nothing more instructive than “Sir, I am absolutely incapable of telling you whether it has rained. I live so resolutely apart from physical contingencies that my senses no longer trouble to inform me of them.”

~ From Swann’s Way by Marcel Proust

I was given this quote in an email, completely out of context; which makes this the first quote I’ve posted which is from a book that I haven’t read. Similar to my quote from I, Robot, I’d rather not include my thesis on the quote; I’d much rather leave it to your own interpretation. I mainly like the way that Monsieur Bloch mentions how removed from everything he is, and that was just really cool to me.

A Sunday Smile

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R.I.P Charles Haddon

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This is dedicated to the soul of Charles Haddon, singer of British dance band “Ou Est Le Swimming Pool”, and the post is for my dear friend who informed he that he took his life after playing a gig in Beligum
A video of his last concert is here,

their latest single


Smells Like Content

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The Talking Robot

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For a moment, she hesitated in dismay. It didn’t look like any robot she had ever seen.
Cautiously and doubtfully she raised her treble voice, “Please, Mr Robot, sir, are you the talking robot, sir?” she wasn’t sure, but it seemed to her that a robot that actually talked was worth a great deal of politeness.
(The girl in her mid-teens allowed a look of intense concentration to cross her thin, plain face. She whipped out a small notebook and began writing in rapid pot-hooks.)
There was an oily whir of gears and a mechanically-timbered voice boomed out in words that lacked accent and intonation, “I – am – the – robot – that – talks.”
Gloria stared at it ruefully. It
did talk, but the sound came from inside somewheres. There was no face to talk to. She said, “Can you help me, Mr Robot, sir?”
The Talking Robot was designed to answer questions, and only such questions it could answer had ever been put to it. It was quite confident of its ability, therefore, “I – can – help – you.”
“Thank you, Mr Robot, sir. Have you seen Robbie?”
“Who – is Robbie?”
“He’s a robot, Mr Robot, sir.” She stretched to tip-toes. “He’s about so high, mr Robot, sir, only higher, and he’s very nice. He’s got a head, you know. I mean you haven’t, but he has, Mr Robot, sir.”
The Talking Robot had been left behind, “A – robot?”
“Yes, Mr Robot, sir. A robot just like you, except he can’t talk, of course, and – looks like a real person.”
“A – robot – like – me?”
“Yes, Mr Robot, sir.”
To which the Talking Robot’s only response was an erratic splutter and an occasional incoherent sound.

~ Isaac Asimov, From I, Robot

I love The Talking Robot. Its so clever. Especially when you think the robot has no eyes. It has no thought. But the thing is, it knows it has no thought. The other thing I love about The Talking Robot is the fact that until the end, it tries to answer Susan Calvin’s question. I discovered the quote from an assignment I’m working on at the moment, which looks at appropriation theory.

(Out of the context I’ve been working with my assignment,) I personally don’t know what you can take out of the quote. I’ve left out the epilouge and prolouge, because of the reason I’d like to see what you, take from it. The first time I read I, Robot, this really made me smile.

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