unsure – “Suicide Methods”

June 26, 2011 § Leave a comment

I was watching a link of Megan Boyle shotgunning my friend has shown me (multiple times, might I add), when I decided to explore this website. I’m sure it’s some kind of new literary movement, which somehow has a great deal of  profound, or texts which can create a great deal of interpretation, connection and is written, often rather poorly. This poem here seemed to really stand out to me.

Blake West / suicide methods (1, 2, 666)

i am going to make a list
of everything i love
you will be the only
thing on it

i haven’t been eating,
not at all
(i just lied)

but only things with mass amounts of sugar
and boxes of spent parliament lights
after i smoke all twenty
in rapid succession

tonight, after work, i am going
to drive to huntington beach and
walk into the ocean

fully clothed, wearing the jean jacket
you gave me
so i sink faster
(i lied again)

i’m not going to do that
but only because
i don’t have gas money

i can do anything i want
no one can stop me
(i lied)

fuck everything



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