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My favourite cyclist is Andy Schleck. I liked him when he was a hot contender for the White Jersey in 2009. I’m actually a big fan of cycling and used to often go for bike rides. Of course, these days I’m horribly lazy, so I haven’t gotten around to it as much. I watch Le Tour de France quite often, and have since I was quite young. I was really excited about the formation of the new team Leopard Trek, since I like both of the Schleck brothers (though Andy more-so) and Stuart O’Grady, who I’ve followed ever since I started watching le tour. I used to have a lot of trouble sleeping as a child, and as a result used to get out of bed quite late at night (for a pre-teen, so like 12am) and watch TV with my Dad. Le Tour was one thing which I used to be subject to. In like, year 9 or 10 I went in the Sydney Spring Cycle, which is a 50km bike ride from North Sydney to Homebush. I went in this with one of my brothers and my dad, and ended up beating both of them. I don’t own my own bicycle.


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