I love the fact that

August 9, 2011 § 1 Comment

The two courses I put the most effort are my two weakest courses. My modern history exam was today, and I feel it went absolutely dismally. I had a massive brain fart on my first essay, forgetting heaps of key dates, and only wrote four pages on each essay question. It was poo. Especially since I stayed up rather late last night to attempt to finish and read my 7000 word historiographical timeline. I’ve done a fair bit of note taking in the class, and I’ve always just done averagely. It’s a competitive class though, and my teacher is no where near as good as the other Modern teacher.

English Extension is on thursday. I’m not too worried about the creative writing question, I think I’ll be able to do quite alright with that one. But we have to analyse Wuthering Heights, which I never really did much on because I convinced myself I was preoccupied and year 12 was just this thing at the end of last year, when I was supposed to have read it in detail. Now I’m sitting in my room freaking out about not having enough quotes for Bronte and not needing all my knowledge on Coleridge and wondering if I’ll remember all my Keats and have sufficient quotes in my related to back up my “sophisticated” argument.

And I don’t really love the fact that, all of the extra reading and hard work I’ve put into my two favourite subjects doesn’t seem to pay off.

I’ve planned that on Thursday, after my exam, I’m going to buy a Chorizo roll, buy some chocolate, head into kinokuniya to look for some presents for friends birthdays I missed out on, catch my bus and walk home, sit down in front of my laptop, load up The Mighty Boosh documentary the greatest person in the world got me, watch, then queue up all of Skins, and Serial Experiments Lain and not sleep until it’s all done.

Then drink myself to death on Saturday night.



§ One Response to I love the fact that

  • galvanisedelephants says:


    good luck man, that Chorizo will be awesome.

    however I think that instead of what you have planned, you should watch mumblecore and then write an extensive essay on the meaning of the text and whether it deserves the title of genre. this of course will also entail an extensive look into the mumblecore genre itself.

    best end-of-exam-celebration ever

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