“Two & Epilogue” by The Antlers

July 2, 2011 § Leave a comment

This is easily one of my favourite bands, and the video appears off a segment off a French blog I occasionally read “Blogotheque”. They do a segment called “Concerts A Emporter”, which translates into “Take Away Shows”, in which they get bands to play live acoustic sets in unusual locations. I’m pretty sure I’ve mentioned all this previously on this blog, but that was seven months ago. Looking back, I can’t believe how much has changed since then… I can’t believe how different I am, and looking back that time seems like ancient history. In that time, I found this band The Antlers, and upon a serious listen of their 2009 album Hospice, it quickly became one of, if not my favourite, releases of that year – rivaling Primary Colours – and of all time. I only found this video this evening though. I’ve heard bits and pieces of the band live before, and they seem so much less striking than the album, but this acoustic session really seems to capture some more of that intensity which the album tries to establish. It’s lengthy, but it’s a worthwhile listen if you want to hear something touching and colourful in description. Though the songs have a much greater level of intensity on the album when you listen to it through, so if you enjoy this, I implore you to listen to Hospice. Just sit down and let the band take you away on their journey. Two was one of my favourite songs off the album, (though it’s hard to split them, since it’s all supposed to be part of one story) so I was glad to see it as being one of their songs they did here. If you check out the Vimeo page, you should also try and listen to Phoenix’s “One Time Too Many” on their Take Away Shows. It was a great video.


unsure – “Suicide Methods”

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I was watching a link of Megan Boyle shotgunning my friend has shown me (multiple times, might I add), when I decided to explore this website. I’m sure it’s some kind of new literary movement, which somehow has a great deal of  profound, or texts which can create a great deal of interpretation, connection and is written, often rather poorly. This poem here seemed to really stand out to me.

Blake West / suicide methods (1, 2, 666)

i am going to make a list
of everything i love
you will be the only
thing on it

i haven’t been eating,
not at all
(i just lied)

but only things with mass amounts of sugar
and boxes of spent parliament lights
after i smoke all twenty
in rapid succession

tonight, after work, i am going
to drive to huntington beach and
walk into the ocean

fully clothed, wearing the jean jacket
you gave me
so i sink faster
(i lied again)

i’m not going to do that
but only because
i don’t have gas money

i can do anything i want
no one can stop me
(i lied)

fuck everything


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