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At the present, I’m rather unwell and not really keeping up with my schoolwork. As some of you may know, I’ve recently started using a tumblr account too! To save the hassle of looking for stories and photos, I’ll be moving my sunday posts, and general stories, links, LOOKBOOK.NU looks I like, and photos onto this here tumblr account. I’ll notify all of you when I’m back into writing up articles. For the next couple of weeks, I have a lot of HSC assessment tasks, so untill December I regret to inform you Smitten will be inactive. Check here for my tumblr!



J’y Suis Jamais Alle

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5 Centimetres Per Second

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Last night, I sat down and watched a film directed by Makato Shinkai, called “5 Cenitmetres Per Second”. I’m not that much of a movie-buff, so this kind of thing doesn’t happen often; but I am a massive anime fan. A good friend of mine linked me to the trailer of this film a while ago, and despite the fact it was Youtube, and not Vimeo, the animation quality really blew me away. I felt obliged to watch this, because it looked like a great story, but I was pretty much only watching it for its animation quality. The film follows a pretty simple story, a romancey drama kind of film, about a boy and a girl in love, who their distance from each other keeps them apart. Its broken into three parts, which is each told from a different characters perspective, allowing a heavy feeling of empathy with the amount of anguish going through their minds. While watching it, I took a few screenshots, but I don’t think I chose very good times to do so. Below, I’ll leave you with my screenshots and a few a found of flickr, as well as the trailer of the film! If you want a full emersion of the animation, watch the film or the trailer below.

fiveposter jdshf 3774670255_18f0c97312_z 5cmpersec1

Pink Tentacle

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I remember a few months ago I was surfing some tumblrs, and I found a link to this Japanese Monster Art, which was done around the 50’s an 60’s. I had a draft written up for ages which went into pretty deep detail about the article and the history of the art. I’ve decided I’d turn this into a praise for the site I found it off, called “Pink Tentacle”. Pink Tentacle is a Japanese site that looks at a lot of Japanese culture, on many different levels.Their most common articles are about Japanese Urban myths, Art, legends, popular culture and science. The myths and legends and art sections are my favourite personally, but I thought I’d share some photos and links to articles I found particularly interesting. I guess one of the few downfalls of the site is that a lot of the information (particularly given with the myths and legends section) seems like it could be rather inaccurate. Nevertheless, they are entertaining to read and stock you up with a bunch of useless trivia.

Here are some photos taken from the site, and clicking them will load up the appropriate articles. Some of the posts are extremely long; however still are so great to read. You can read off the main page here; and if you don’t click the appropriate link below, be sure to check out the “anatomical illustrations from Edo-Period Japan”. (Edo Period Japan is one of my favourite times in history, and this article was so cool!)

Hope you enjoy! (:

tetsujin28_7_large antarctic_humanoid_2 s_nakano_6 tokyogenso_27_large manner_poster_17 idish ark_4 shimizu_pyramid_2 zombie_meat_1

There’s so much on the website, and it’s well worth having a small explore around for a few hours, and chew up a good bit of download! (:

Not In Love

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I love Crystal Castles, and I haven’t listened to The Cure, who used to be one of my favourite bands in over a year.

this is awesome.

3rd Planet

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The skyline looked beautiful on fire.


Just thought I’d make this sunday post a little interesting and give you a sneak-peek at whats to come!:

the other day I got out “Jamie Does…”, one of Jamie Olivers’ more recent books. It has some fantastic international recipes, my favourite in the book being Span, France and Sweden; but each section has some really amazing recipes! I’ve noticed this a lot more with his Jamies America (Yes, I’m a massive Jamie Oliver fan. I’ve got a few of his books and have read just about all of them) but he also has some cool photo spreads.

My plan for some upcoming blog posts is to scan in some recipes I’ve gathered up over the past few months to share with you! I’ll also put in some photo spreads! I’ve not been preparing many posts recently, which is why my blogging has been a little infrequent; and also I haven’t been reading as much, which is why its hard to find some quotes. So hopefully within a few weeks I’ll have a bit more for you to read! (:

Remember my article on fashion blog “K is for Kani”? Well I’m now featured in the press section of her blog! You can see the link hereee.

(I was going to include this on yesterdays post, but it got a little too large! :P)



I’ve got the full size version of this photo too, if you’re interested.

The Dead Flag Blues

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This is a monologue that appears at the start of the Godspeed You! Black Emperors’ album “F♯A♯∞”. I love this so much. The way the sentences are said particularly grab my interest, in that, the way I’ve added in semicolons, its actually pronounced as if they’re full stops, and the second halves of the sentence are afterthoughts. For example, “the sewers are all muddied with a thousand lonely suicides.

And a dark wind blows”.

I think I’m going to have poetry in my major work for Extension Two English, as part of a story I’m writing; and hearing this monologue is the kind of inspiration I like, and I’m after.

I have a good friend who posts her poetry onto her own blog, and every time I read her latest posts it makes me feel like competition-wise, mine are gonna suck, and I’ve really got not much of a chance against people like her.
Her blog can be viewed hereeeeeeeeee. I really suggest you check out her work (:

Now, here’s the monologue from “F♯A♯∞”.

The car’s on fire and there’s no driver at the wheel
and the sewers are all muddied with a thousand lonely suicides;
and a dark wind blows.

The government is corrupt;
and we’re on so many drugs
with the radio on and the curtains drawn.

We’re trapped in the belly of this horrible machine;
and the machine is bleeding to death.

The sun has fallen down
and the billboards are all leering;
and the flags are all dead at the top of their poles.

It went like this:

The buildings tumbled in on themselves,
mothers clutching babies picked through the rubble;
And pulled out their hair.

The skyline was beautiful on fire.
All twisted metal stretching upwards;
everything washed in a thin orange haze.

I said: “Kiss me, you’re beautiful –
these are truly the last days”.

You grabbed my hand and we fell into it.
Like a daydream, or a fever.

I went to the shops today to buy some Iced Tea and Chocolate and I HIGHLY recommend you get out there and try Lindt Excellence “Blueberry Intense”. Blueberries + Dark chocolate. The perfect mix!


One more thing:
Because of our currently amazing Australian dollar, I’ve been looking at getting a few things from the Urban Outfitters website! Pictures and appropriate links are below and I’d love to hear some feedback in the comments section! (:

urbanoutfitters1tshirturbanoutfitters2plaidshirt urbanoutfitters3bracelet urbanoutfitters4belt urbanoutfitters5moccasins

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