“Two & Epilogue” by The Antlers

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This is easily one of my favourite bands, and the video appears off a segment off a French blog I occasionally read “Blogotheque”. They do a segment called “Concerts A Emporter”, which translates into “Take Away Shows”, in which they get bands to play live acoustic sets in unusual locations. I’m pretty sure I’ve mentioned all this previously on this blog, but that was seven months ago. Looking back, I can’t believe how much has changed since then… I can’t believe how different I am, and looking back that time seems like ancient history. In that time, I found this band The Antlers, and upon a serious listen of their 2009 album Hospice, it quickly became one of, if not my favourite, releases of that year – rivaling Primary Colours – and of all time. I only found this video this evening though. I’ve heard bits and pieces of the band live before, and they seem so much less striking than the album, but this acoustic session really seems to capture some more of that intensity which the album tries to establish. It’s lengthy, but it’s a worthwhile listen if you want to hear something touching and colourful in description. Though the songs have a much greater level of intensity on the album when you listen to it through, so if you enjoy this, I implore you to listen to Hospice. Just sit down and let the band take you away on their journey. Two was one of my favourite songs off the album, (though it’s hard to split them, since it’s all supposed to be part of one story) so I was glad to see it as being one of their songs they did here. If you check out the Vimeo page, you should also try and listen to Phoenix’s “One Time Too Many” on their Take Away Shows. It was a great video.


J’y Suis Jamais Alle

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3rd Planet

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The skyline looked beautiful on fire.


Just thought I’d make this sunday post a little interesting and give you a sneak-peek at whats to come!:

the other day I got out “Jamie Does…”, one of Jamie Olivers’ more recent books. It has some fantastic international recipes, my favourite in the book being Span, France and Sweden; but each section has some really amazing recipes! I’ve noticed this a lot more with his Jamies America (Yes, I’m a massive Jamie Oliver fan. I’ve got a few of his books and have read just about all of them) but he also has some cool photo spreads.

My plan for some upcoming blog posts is to scan in some recipes I’ve gathered up over the past few months to share with you! I’ll also put in some photo spreads! I’ve not been preparing many posts recently, which is why my blogging has been a little infrequent; and also I haven’t been reading as much, which is why its hard to find some quotes. So hopefully within a few weeks I’ll have a bit more for you to read! (:

Remember my article on fashion blog “K is for Kani”? Well I’m now featured in the press section of her blog! You can see the link hereee.

(I was going to include this on yesterdays post, but it got a little too large! :P)



I’ve got the full size version of this photo too, if you’re interested.


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I’ve got a larger version of the photo if you’d like. Just leave a comment below (:
also, its worth looking up a live video of this song they did at SXSW; its really great. This is the studio version.

(Antichrist Television Blues)

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Follow the Cops Back Home

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Mango Tree

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